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Explorer Revisited

These are screen captures from this video.  Click on the image to get a larger picture.  I'll post more images, realvideo, and avi files as time allows.  

Exploring the jungle Patsy takes a wrong step. Maybe it's not too deep
Struggling in the quicksand Anyone have a rope? Chin deep in quicksand Just a cool picture
Quicksand can be fun Submerging in quicksand Kristine is ticklish Preparing to submerge

Here are the few stills taken during this video shoot.

tn_mdxp1_jpg.jpg (4803 bytes)

This video introduces and stars Kristine Lynn, a woman who is simply a natural in quicksand.  Much like the first Explorer video, this has a loosely based tale of a woman exploring the wilds only to stray off the path and into deep trouble.  Unlike the original Explorer however, this time our heroine sinks under and does not re-emerge.  Click here for ordering information.

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