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Tourist Tales

Kaolumbia Pictures is proud to present (or at least is not particularly humiliated by) the quicksand video, Tourist Tales. This film is almost 1 hour and 45 minutes in length and features 3 different quicksand sequences.

The first is "The Tourist", about a woman who gets separated from her tour group. She meets a local, but the language barrier poses a problem in her rescue. TV Guide would likely describe the "hilarious hijinks which ensue".

The second is the quicksand scene from "The Mind is the Key". The whole video from which the sequence comes is not worth watching, (IMHO), so I snagged the quicksand scene, which is what most people were interested in, and have included it in this video as well.

The third sequence is called "The Lost Pooch", and features fetish model Christy North. This story features a young woman searching for her runaway puppy and finding quicksand instead. I shot other sequences with Christy, but this is the first I'm offering up, and I think the images will show that it was a happy day for me when I got her involved in my quicksand videos.

Click on the image below to be taken to the page that features images and more information on each portion of the video story.

The Tourist
The Mind is the Key
The Lost Pooch

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1998 Kaol

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